Now, Botsa pours water on Amaravati Metro

Now, Botsa pours water on Amaravati Metro

While on one hand AP minister Botsa Satynarayana's comments on Amaravati are yet to get settled, he went on to make similar comments on the metro project proposed in the capital region. Being Municipal and Urban Development minister, Botsa held a meeting with Steering Committee members on Amaravati Light Metro Project.

The Steering Committee estimated that the project would cost around Rs 20,000 crore for Amaravati Metro and is also considering a DPR (Detailed Project Report) done by a private consultancy. When Botsa learned about the budget of the project, he reportedly questioned the committee members, is it needed?

To get into details, the private consultancy had prepared the DPR about two months back. However, the government changed in the state and the new government took two months time to hold this review. In this meeting Botsa said, Rs 20,000 with interest amount will put severe financial burden on the state government and so he asked them to put the DPR on hold. With no other options the officials of Amaravati Metro Rail Corporation (AMRC) left the meeting quietly.

If we get into facts, the budget of the project would certainly go as per estimates. But as part of the AP Bifurcation Act and the 'Special Package' announced by the central government, Amaravati Metro can be constructed. Also with phase wise construction, the budget get regulated. Also KFW company has come forward to fund the project. Yet Botsa did not get convinced.

Amaravati Metro is planned in three corridors. The first corridor is from Gannavaram bus stop to Lingayapalem which is about 55.5 kilometres and there is a proposal of underground metro for nearly 27 kms. The second corridor is from PNBS to Palamaneru centre and the distance is 12.5 kms and the third and final corridor, the DPR had two tracks in different routes.

Like the capital city, Amaravati Metro's future also looks gloomy now.