Watch: The Brutal Training Behind the Shining Gold

Watch: The Brutal Training Behind the Shining Gold

PV Sindhu's historic gold victory at BWF World championships is leaving the country proud today. Her massive triumph has a lot of hard work behind and the video below is evident enough on how much Sindhu trained herself to reach this level. After all, for an athlete being fit is extremely important to achieve success in this highly competitive world of sports.

The video shows Sindhu doing strenuous physical exercises and it is understood that there is a lot of importance given to fitness from her side. We can see jump rope workouts, weigh-training, muscle pumping and explosive exercises in the video. Not to mention, bodyweight squats are one of the hardest and Sindhu did it with ease.

Not only Sindhu, but every athlete like her will also need to have distinct physique apart from talent. Being fit is the basic foundation to gain results and one can achieve Sindhu's style of court speed only through intense efforts. Flexibility is one among the important aspects for a badminton player and the video suggests a few workouts in order to reach, dive and turn all over the court while playing.

We salute PV Sindhu for her terrific talent. It is a well-deserved recognition. The video has in fact left us in awe and made us learn Sindhu's unimaginable strength and endurance behind the success. It is no wonder that famous personalities like Anand Mahindra and R Madhavan tweeted the video on their timelines, thereby inspiring many others.

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