TDP's 'Paid Political Actor' Arrested!

TDP's 'Paid Political Actor' Arrested!

Sekhar Chowdary, a professional actor, acted in few Telugu films in supporting roles. This guy became the centre of the discussion, when the floods hit the Lanka villages and posing as a localite and farmer, Sekhar Chowdary lashed out at YSRCP government and also went on to make objectionable comments against CM YS Jagan.

The ruling YSRCP busted Sekhar Chowdary's drama and claimed that he is a paid artist and has close association with TDP. Following this, Devendra Reddy, Digital Media director of the Andhra Pradesh government had filed a police complaint against Sekhar Chowdary and based on the complaint, he was arrested.

The police said they will question Sekhar deep into this case and would find out who paid him to feature in the videos and also to use such abusive language. We also hear that the AP government is having a close watch on social media and any small comment is likely to be taken seriously.

It would have been better if the police had reacted promptly in Jana Sena case too. YSRCP social media wing alleged that Pawan Kalyan is planning to convert Rs 2000 crore of black money. The Jana Sena leaders have filed a cybercrime case on this but till no action is taken by the cops. This shows the AP police are biased.

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