We Never Said We'll Change Capital: Kodali Nani

We Never Said We'll Change Capital: Kodali Nani

Even as the farmers, businessmen, realtors and common people are yet to come out from Botsa's sensational comments that Amaravati is "unsafe" as capital and cited Sivaramakrishnan Committee report and further said that the state cabinet would soon discuss the matter, here comes yet another shocker. One more cabinet minister has supported Botsa's comments.

Minister Kodali Nani, who hails from Krishna district and won four times back-to-back as MLA from Gudivada assembly constituency, said there is nothing wrong in Botsa's comments. Nani said that Botsa has only expressed the discussion that is going on within YCP. He said that YCP has never stated that the capital would be shifted. Nani said YCP is only highlighting the misdeeds and corruption that took place in previous government. He said TDP leaders are afraid that their misdeeds would come into light and hence creating ruckus.

Nani made it clear that the AP state government doesn't have any intention to change the capital city. He said a cabinet sub-committee has been constituted against the corrupt practices carried out in the previous governmennt and the committee is currently reviewing the decisions and acts of the previous government. Nani said that once the report comes out, he said the government would take action against those who found guilty.

Responding to the High Court's stay over the reverse tendering on Polavaram, Nani said the stay is temporary. He said the government would deal with it legally. Defending CM YS Jagan's decision to initiate reverse tendering on Polavaram, Nani said the sole intention of the decision is to prevent corruption and save public exchequer. He said High Court hadn't found fault with the Reverse Tendering. Nani said AP state government wouldn't take a single step back on the issue. "We won't even move a step back despite the odds," said Kodali Nani. He added that Jagan will only take his steps forward in the matter.

Looks like, Kodali Nani has created more confusion on AP capital by supporting Botsa's comments on one side and denying that the state government hasn't announced about the shift of AP capital. Only CM Jagan can answer these and put an end to the issue.