'Jagan garu don't become another Tughlaq'

'Jagan garu don't become another Tughlaq'

Andhra Pradesh capital city, Amaravati is a hot topic in the state politics now. YSRCP government is making confusing statements on the capital and making the people fall in dilemma. TDP leaders are fuming on YSRCP's plan to shift the capital to a new place.

Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani has a suggestion for AP CM YS Jagan on this issue. He advised Jagan not to become another Mohammad Bin Tughlaq. This king of 14th century changed the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad in Maharashtra and vice versa. During then it caused a lot of trouble for the people. "Do make sure your name will not get into history like Tughlaq who has a bad reputation of shifting the capital city," tweeted Nani.

Meanwhile, YSRCP is claiming that it is updating the BJP government in the national capital on the developments happening in the state. Contrary to these remarks, BJP has denied YSRCP's claims and warned not to do such cheap publicity. AP BJP chief Kanna said YSRCP is unnecessarily dragging PM Modi in this whole issue.

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