Aren't there doctors in AP to treat Babu: Ambati

Aren't there doctors in AP to treat Babu: Ambati

YSRCP official spokesperson Ambati Rambabu has found fault in opposition leader Chandrababu leaving his riverfront residence in Amaravati during the floods. Ambati said, "Citing his hand sprain, Chandrababu went to Hyderabad. My question is, aren't there doctors in AP to give better medication for the TDP chief?"

Later Chandrababu made confusing statements on floods that hit the Lanka villages. "His first statement was, he could have visited on the first day but the rescue efforts will get halted for some time and so he postponed his visit. After a day or so, he claimed that he said his hand got sprained and he took rest. Probably for heart pain or any other big pain we can to go Hyderabad or Mumbai as they have top specialty hospitals. But for his minor injury he went to Hyderabad to take rest. People are thinking that Chandrababu knows that his rented house at Karikatta will get sub-merged and so escaped to Hyderabad," Ambati.

Then the YSRCP spokesperson took Nara Lokesh. "If Chandrababu is not well, what happened to Lokesh who is being reckoned as the next Chief Minister by TDP leaders. Why he is confined to just Twitter posts instead of coming to Lanka villages," asked Ambati.

The verbal war between TDP and YSRCP is never ending on the floods.

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