Chiru, Vijayashanthi Give Clarification

Chiru, Vijayashanthi Give Clarification

Megastar Chiranjeevi and Telangana Congress party's star campaigner Vijayashanthi are in the headlines these days because of their political affiliation. BJP which is doing 'Operation Lotus' in the Telugu states, is approaching charismatic leaders and we have been hearing that Chiru and Vijayashanthi are in talks with BJP.

Till date the 'Gangleader' jodi did not open their mouth against these unconfirmed reports doing rounds in the political circles and social media. Now they have cleared all the air and reportedly said they are not joining BJP.

In an interview, Megastar was asked the question about politics and to this he replied that as of now he is completely focused on doing films and would be keeping politics aside for some time. But Chiru did not say whether he would want to continue in politics or not.

As and when Vijayashanthi was approached by BJP leaders, Telangana PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy reached out to the former Medak MP. To him, Vijayashanthi said she has no plans to leave Congress and join BJP.

Yet the debate on Chiranjeevi and Vijayashanthi's political course is not ending. Why is it so? Because politics are unpredictable.

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