Speaker Calls Oppn TDP: Koun Kiska Gottam Gallu

Speaker Calls Oppn TDP: Koun Kiska Gottam Gallu

In what can be highly shocking and degradable comments from AP Speaker Tammineni Sitaram on Opposition TDP leaders, the senior leader called the Telugu Desam Party netas as 'Koun Kiska Gottam Gallu'. Referring TDP netas as Koun Kiska Gottam Gallu, Sitharam asked the newly appointed Village Volunteers to be not afraid of the cases to be filed by TDP leaders over their appointments.

Hailing from Srikakulam district, Tammineni has won from Amudalavalasa constituency. 60-year-old Tammineni visited Srikakulam on Monday (Aug 12, 2019) and lost cool on TDP leaders and lashed out at them forgetting that he holds respectable and honorary post of Assembly speaker.

Speaker is the Head of Assembly. He is ought to be a neutral judge and manage all debates, discussions in Assembly in a fair and equal manner without any partiality towards ruling party.

"Don't be afraid of TDP's Koun Kiska Gottam Gallu even if they file petition against the recruitment of Village Volunteers. Please do your work," Tammineni was quoted. He further said he would stand by the Gram Volunteers as Amudalavalasa MLA.

Sharply countering his critics who are pointing out that how a Speaker would conduct review meetings by calling them as "ignorants", he countered, "I'm Amudalavalasa MLA first...Speaker next." He further asked the Opposition leaders, "Who will resolve the problems of the people of my constituency?"

Tammineni further boasted his 'Special Powers' and said that he has special powers as Speaker and asked the Opposition to toe in line and before making any comments against him.

Meanwhile, TDP leaders have got a weapon in hand with Tammineni's demeaning, belitting comments. TDP leaders have come down heavily on Tammineni and found fault with him for the remarks of 'Kon Kiska Gottam Gallu'. "Being in a Constitutional Post, can Speaker make such disrespectful comments on Opposition leaders. Is this his opinion on Opposition party leaders?" questioned TDP leaders.

Tammineni's comments are expected to fuel the ongoing war-of-words between ruling and opposition parties in AP.

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