'How r you, In Which party are you in?' - Sonia to Kruparani

'How r you, In Which party are you in?' - Sonia to Kruparani

As the saying goes, there are no permanent friends and enemies in politics. It has become a very common thing for our politicians to switch sides for the reasons best known to them. When it comes to AP, several leaders moved to TDP to YSR Congress, Congress to YCP and TDP.

On Tuesday, AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy along with his party members called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Parliament. Killi Kruparani, ex MP and former Congress party leader, also was part of the delegation that met Modi. At the same time, AICC member Sonia Gandhi who's walking in the corridors of parliament, have seen Killi and greeted her saying: 'Hi Kruparani, How are you? Where have been all these days? You have changed the party, right? In which party are you in?'

The former Congress MP got stunned with Sonia Gandhi's sweet gesture and she is overjoyed with that greeting. Kruparani has revealed that 'Even before I tried to tell in which party I am in, Sonia walked away by saying 'You are in other party now, right!'

Rahul Gandhi, who accompanied Sonia, could not recognise and asked his mother who she is. Sonia explained that Killi Kruparani had worked as union minister in UPA-2. 'Sonia remembering me and greeting me is something I will never forget,' stated Kruparani, who recently joined YSRCP.

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