15 Days Gap : Two Ex Woman CMs of Delhi Died

15 Days Gap : Two Ex Woman CMs of Delhi Died

In a gap of 15 days, two veteran lady politicians and two former woman Delhi Chief Ministers have died within a fortnight. Their passing away leaving a huge political vacuum that can't be filled. One is Sushma Swaraj (Aug 6, 2019) and the other is Sheila Dikshit (July 20, 2019). One is a strong loyalist to BJP and the other is a staunch Congress woman. And both have died of severe cardiac arrest.

Yet another striking similarity is that the names of both these leaders also start with letter 'S'. It is a stroke of bad luck that the nation has lost two powerful and dynamic woman leaders who served people tirelessly.

While Sushma Swaraj had served as the fifth CM of Delhi, Sheila Dikshit had served as the sixth CM of Delhi. In fact, Sushma (67) was 14 year younger than Sheila Dikshit (81). While Sheila Dikshit became popular across the nation as Delhi CM, Sushma Swaraj had emerged as a national leader and rose in party. She had left a great mark in South as well.

In 1998, just 40 days before elections, the prices of Onions had sky-rocketed. 1 Kg Onion had touched Rs 50. This had affected her government which made it lose in the subsequent polls. Although Sushma had tried her best to control the prices by installing subsidized shops and sold onions at cheaper prices, it couldn't save her government.

Sushma Swaraj, who had served as Foreign Minister, had helped many Indians who were in distress across the Globe. Just a tweet to her would enough as she would responded immediately and come to their rescue. She had gained enormous popularity. Sushma's untimely demise is certainly a big loss to BJP and to the whole nation.

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