Pawan Has Not Changed His Ways Yet?

Pawan Has Not Changed His Ways Yet?

In both film and political circles, there has been a long-standing complaint against Pawan Kalyan that reaching out to him is a Herculean task. There's a strong opinion among Pawan's well-wishers that one has to break a tough barrier and deal with a lot of people before entering Pawan's close coterie.

Due to this aloof attitude, Pawan was mostly limited to only a select few directors in his film career. While it was still okay in movies thanks to the huge craze he has, the same attitude is proving detrimental to the Janasenani's political career. And unfortunately, Pawan seems to have not realised this yet.

The biggest complaint against Pawan Kalyan in Janasena is that he is not available to even some key leaders in his party. Except Nadendla Manohar, even JD Lakshminarayana and others have to try hard to get Pawan's appointment.

After Janasena's shocking defeat in general elections, he had promised to be available to his partymen for at least an hour every day. But it looks like old habits die hard for Pawan, as he is still maintaining a lot of distance from his partymen.

Not surprisingly, Pawan's indifferent attitude is leaving Janasena leaders baffled. Leaders like Addepalli Sridhar are openly criticising Pawan's behaviour. Some even opine that Janasena will stand no chance in the 2024 elections if Pawan doesn't change his attitude and be welcoming to his people.

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