TDP NRIs Shocked With Uma's Behaviour

TDP NRIs Shocked With Uma's Behaviour

Beleaguered TDP, which suffered one of its worst defeats ever in 2019 in YCP hands, is struggling to the core as many of its leaders are looking out to switch to other parties for greener pastures. While already 4 of its Rajya Sabha MPs have joined BJP, inside talk is that many of its active leaders will soon jump into other parties in coming days.

TDP's Ex MLA Bonda Uma's name is also strongly heard among the leaders who want to quit TDP. Talk is that Uma has gone on a trip to Australia followed by New Zealand.

Learning about Uma's Australia trip, several NRI TDP leaders have wished to meet Bonda Uma and tried to organize a 'Meet and Greet' program with all NRI TDP fans.

Even when one of Uma's close aides have planned for this Meet and Greet program, Uma said to have shown no interest in meeting NRI TDP leaders. Uma's beahviour has left the NRI TDP leaders shocked and it said to have confirmed Uma's future plans.

This led to speculation that Bonda Uma would soon switch over to alternate political parties. While a section speculate that Uma is in touch with YCP and may join Jagan's team, another section believes that Uma would join BJP with the help of Sujana Chowdary and CM Ramesh. While Uma's exit from TDP looks mostly certain, all eyes are on which party he is going to join next.

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