KarNATAKA Ends, CM Kumaraswamy Quits

KarNATAKA Ends, CM Kumaraswamy Quits

Ending a long political crisis, finally, Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy has tendered his resignation and submitted his resignation to Governor. The JD(S)-Congress government has failed to prove its majority in the long-delayed Floor Test that finally took place today.  A total of 99 MLAs voted for the Kumaraswamy government while 105 members voted against it.  Thus, Kumaraswamy-led JD(S)-Congress government lost by 6 votes. The trust vote was earlier necessitated after 15 MLAs from the ruling party have resigned, plunging the government to a minority.

Section 144 was imposed in Bengaluru considering that the fall of government would lead to any disturbance.

BJP has responded after JD(S)-Congress failed to survive the No-Confidence Motion. BJP has said that it is an end of unholy alliance. Looks like, Karnataka may go for mid-term elections as the BJP is in no mood to form the government with any alliance.

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