'World Bank Afraid Of TDP Scams'

'World Bank Afraid Of TDP Scams'

With World Bank backing out of funding from the capital city, Amaravati project, Andhra Pradesh assembly debated about it. Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu and finance minister Bugganna had heated arguments on this topic.

Speaking first Chandrababu said, 'YSRCP government's decisions are favouring the Telangana state. After them coming into power, the worth of lands witnessed a rock bottom and farmers are worried that their valuable contribution is going waste.  Earlier, when YSRCP was in opposition, they provoked the farmers, set their farms on fire and even encouraged few farmers to write to World Bank against Amaravati. Our government did not do any corruption on the capital city construction and just because of YSRCP's decision even the union government withdrew its proposal.'

The TDP chief further added that there are seven thousand acres of land left. Big cities like Bengaluru and Hyderabad should be constructed then only, there would be revenue.

Countering these comments, Bugganna said, 'Chandrababu is lying on Amaravati project and in fact World Bank has found fault in the report submitted by the TDP government.  They raised objections of working and funds allocations. World Bank got scared looking at TDP government's looting and scams. They paid all the bills to contracts but kept the fee reimbursement in pending and this shows their priority. World Bank appreciated our government decisions and willing to invest Rs 5000 crore and also assured all possible help.'

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