Bhimavaram fans upset with Pawan's attitude!

Bhimavaram fans upset with Pawan's attitude!

Pawan Kalyan reckoned Bhimavaram as Jana Sena Party's fort and so he contested from here in the recent elections. Pawan fans and Jana Sena supporters worked day and night for the party. Many of them put their own money for the election campaign as they worship Pawan. During the election campaign, Pawan stayed for couple of days in Bhimavaram which ignited the spirit in party cadre.

However, Pawan later shifted his focus on other constituencies and left the campaign to the cadre. Despite trying too hard, Pawan lost miserably. The local leaders failed in poll management and could not analyze the opposition strategies. Few opined that if Pawan had been in the constituency at least on the polling day, things would have been different now.

The scenario completely changed after the election results. The cadre lacks a leadership and with no other option, they are confining themselves to homes or minding their own business. Now the cadre are worried about the municipal elections which are likely to be held in September. While the concerns of the cadre are yet to be addressed, Pawan has called them to be prepared for the local body polls. This has irked them and the cadre wants to fill the gap of leadership first and then focus on the booth committees that can help in getting better results.

Not just Pawan, many leaders who contested on behalf of Jana Sena are not available to cadre. Few are following Pawan while the rest are going through financial problems as they invested huge during the campaign.

Overall, cadre wants proper direction so that they are ready to strengthen the party in the district.

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