Better To Avoid Nonsense Talk Around Rajamouli

Better To Avoid Nonsense Talk Around Rajamouli

Of course, Rajamouli has clarified that he 'might' not even be attending the musical show of his brother MM Keeravani, but then, he's present at the event, where he sat at a distance at the TANA 2019 convention.

Since then, a section of media started saying that Rajamouli is getting close to his community but is actually hiding his motives with fake tweets. Is that so?

Frankly speaking, Rajamouli has gone to the USA, not for TANA 2019 but to attend his brother MM Keeravani's musical show and be with him on his birthday. Everyone in the film industry and outside the industry knows how closely knit family they are.

Rajamouli many times iterated that without his brother's financial support to the family, today they won't be even existing. In that context, Rajamouli's arrival to the United States is not some rare thing, but he might have wanted it as a private affair.

Then, the director would have tweeted about his non-attendance because to avoid any confusion as some fans might turn up at the event to listen to him on the stage. To avoid unnecessary complications, and to give clarity to TANA organisers as well, Rajamouli might have put that tweet.

Okay, let us assume that these 'bhajana batch' media folks are right and Rajamouli is there in the USA to mingle with his community members. What will he achieve from that? From being an atheist to being a person with lots of rationales he proved his character many times and there is no need of anyone certifying it again now.

Only for the fact that Rajamouli designed something for Amaravathi, and with both him and Chandrababu hailing from some caste, do you call him a castiest person? Tomorrow if YS Jagan or KCR invite him to do some design or give some idea, surely he will do that, as a creative person.

These media folks who have blown the trumpet of a politician only for the fact that they hail from the same community, think that everyone out there does the same thing. Like the Telugu saying aptly generalises, "Pachha Kamerlu Vunnodiki Lokamantha Pachhagane Kanipistundi". Wake up and avoid this nonsense talk folks!

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