Lokesh Gang Insulted Ram Madhav In TANA : Kanna

Lokesh Gang Insulted Ram Madhav In TANA : Kanna

BJP's Ram Madhav has faced the heat of the Telugu community at TANA Conference and this has not gone down well with Andhra Pradesh BJP. The state chief Kanna Lakshmi Narayana termed this incident as outrageous and said they are not TANA 'Sabhalu' in fact they are TDP 'Bhajana Sabhalu.'

Kanna blamed that TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh for the whole episode. "Ram Madhav was invited and deliberately insulted by Lokesh and his gang. This shows TDP can stoop to any low and they are bringing a bad name for the country and also for the entire Telugu community in the US," tweeted Kanna.

Adding the AP BJP chief wrote, the saffron party is getting strengthened in the state and this is why TDP is indulging in silly politics.

While addressing the gathering of 22nd TANA Conference, few spectators have raised slogans against BJP and PM Modi and Ram Madhav had to cut short his speech. The organisers of the event reacted promptly and settled the matter in no time.

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