Viral: Rahul Gandhi spotted watching movie!

Viral: Rahul Gandhi spotted watching movie!

Rahul Gandhi who resigned to Congress president position is relaxing these days. The other day Rahul Gandhi was spotted at a multiplex in New Delhi and surprised the commoners. Ayushmann Khurrana's 'Article 15' was the movie, Rahul had watched.

People who sat in the above row of Rahul, shared a video footage of Rahul having pop-corn and watching the movie. This is going viral in the social media and netizens are expressing their respective views on this. Few have hailed the Congress leader for his simplicity while a few said having resigned as Congress president, he has not work and so he is keeping himself busy by watching movies.

The Congress party is in a huge crisis like never before. Rahul Gandhi is stubborn to lead the party and is asking high command to appoint a non-Gandhi leader. We have to see how Congress comes out of this distress.

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