Chandrababu's stuff being thrown out of Praja Vedika

Chandrababu's stuff being thrown out of Praja Vedika

The YSR Congress government is doing all that is needed to humiliate opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu time and again.

In a fresh row, the government directed the officials to make arrangements for the Collector's Conference and for this Praja Vedika has been picked up as the venue. As soon as the officials received the orders from the government, the general administration officers, Guntur district Collector and Joint Collector have reached Praja Vedika and took it under their control. On Saturday they are clearing the stuff related to Chandrababu and Telugu Desam Party.

However, TDP leaders are upset the way officials are functioning. They claimed that the officials failed to do basic communication of informing before taking over Praja Vedika. TDP also alleged that instead of taking a decision on the letter written by Chandrababu urging the government to allot Praja Vedika to him, they are forcefully encroaching it.

This attitude of YSRCP government is not appreciated even by the observers. If at least the government had declined Chandrababu's request and taken over Praja Vedika, it would have been a decent action.

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