Robbery in Balakrishna's house

Robbery in Balakrishna's house

In a shocking move, a house-breaking and robbery case has been registered by the family of Balakrishna in the Banjara Hills police station. 

As per the complaint, around 420 grams worth gold ornaments were robbed from the residence of Balayya, which would cost nearly Rs. 15 lakhs. This incident took place on May 24 when Balayya was out of town for the outdoor shoot of his upcoming film 'Srimannarayana', while his wife Vasundhara left to a summer vacation with family members. The keys to the house were handed over to their relative, Prasad Babu, for supervising the renovation work that's been going on at that time. 

Balayya's family came to know about the robbery only after Vasundara's (Balayya's wife) return from vacation. She discovered that some of her gold ornaments in the bedroom locker went missing. Police have swung into action immediately, took the finger prints and also recorded the statements of the servants.  

This robbery came as big shock for everyone because there is always a tight security round the clock in Balayya's house. When a thing like robbery could happen in the house of a star like Balakrishna, how safe are we in this state?

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