P-Bomb ready to take on Sharmila

P-Bomb ready to take on Sharmila

With Jagan kept inside, campaigning of YSR-Congress is going at a faster pace than expected due the presence of two women. One is Vijayamma and another is Jagan's sister Sharmila. Now, ground is set to tackle one of them.   

Despite the presence of stalwarts like Chiru, Botsa and CM Kiran, Congress is still worried about the kind of response Sharmila is invoking. Moreover, this is due to sympathy wave and the aura she possess as daughter of late CM YSR. To counter Sharmila, the ruling party wants to test fire their glamour bomb and top brass, Priyanka Gandhi.   

A group of veteran Congress persons have already approached Sonia for permission, but confirmation from Delhi is yet to come. At least for the last 3-4 days, CM Kiran wants to put brakes to the rising craze for Sharmila and her troupe with Priyanka Gandhi's presence. Across India, many star-women and actresses have campaigned many times but won only a couple of times. People attend in huge numbers only due to their glamorous charisma but not to vote for them, feels an analyst. We have to wait for by-poll results to know the minds of AP's voters.

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