Why Is Samantha's Interviewer Getting Full Praises!

Why Is Samantha's Interviewer Getting Full Praises!

To promote her latest movie all out, Samantha Akkineni is making sure that she gives lots of interviews to almost all the media houses. Also, she has been hugely active on social media, wishing fellow actress on their birthdays and also tweeting about other films. Looks like the saucy seductress is hoping to get huge openings for 'Oh Baby' with these acts.

As part of the promotions, Samantha has given an interview to popular Film Critic Rajeev Masand as well. And this critic is now getting a lot of attention and winning all the praises for the interview. Do you know why? Actually, there are a couple of instances inside the interview where the journalist made Samantha proud with his style and choice of questions.

And then, some of the usual questions some average-minded journalists put on the table like 'how is your experience with that co-star, this co-star and else?', Rajeev has come up with some sensible questionnaire that will give Samantha a chance to explain her own experiences and reveal her unknown side.

If one has to read the comments posted on this video, definitely it is pretty clear that netizens enjoyed the interview a lot. They are directly heaping praises on Rajeev Masand in comparison to how local folks are questioning Samantha. Well, whatever may be the reason, now Rajeev became a darling of Sam's fans.

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