Bookies 'by-poll results' shock Analysts

Bookies 'by-poll results' shock Analysts

The ensuing by-elections in the state are keeping the bookies busy like never before. They are working round the clock to make most out of the sympathy wave in favor of the YSR Congress. 

Sources say, the bookies were very confident that YSRC will sweep the by-polls in Seemandhra (17 seats). Congress is said to be their second favorite here. While the bets on YSR Congress are in the range of 1:2 (which means for a Rs. 1,000 bet YSRC win, you get Rs. 2000 in return), while for Congress it is 1:10 (which means for a Rs. 10,000 bet YSRC win, you get Rs. 20,000 in return). The prediction of bookies on the by-poll results shocked everyone including political analysts, as no one guessed that YSR Congress would make a white-wash and TDP will not open its account in Seemandhra. As per the Analysts, YSRC would win in 14-16 seats, while TDP settles with 1 or 2 seats and Congress will loose all of them, including Tirupati seat.

When it comes to Parakala of Telangana, punters were preferring BJP although a neck-to-neck fight with TRS is expected. Let's see, who's prediction comes true!

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