'Rahul should get married to become stronger'

'Rahul should get married to become stronger'

The Congress President Rahul Gandhi has received an unsolicited piece of advice from Ramdas Athawale, who is the Union Minister and the president of Republic party. Athawale said that Rahul should get married to become stronger. The advice came out immediately when he was asked what should the Congress chief do to strengthen the party after a massive loss in the last Lok Sabha polls.

Ramdas quoted "Rahul should now get married to become stronger. Rahul is a good friend of mine and I have seen him working hard during elections". The topic on Rahul's marriage has been raised by many leaders earlier and Rahul gave a savage reply for that too. He said he is already married to the Congress party.

The advice by Ramdas is generating mixed reactions and memes on the internet as it was given just when Congress has held a few meetings to introspect on its poor performance in the elections. Moreover, after Rahul's adamant decision on resigning the post has received unanimous rejected from all the leaders and left Congress in a confused state.

Currently, no party leader is ready to take over the top post of the party. This also includes Venugopal Rao and AK Anthony who denied taking the post.

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