Prakash Raj Shares Bitter Experience From A Fan

Prakash Raj Shares Bitter Experience From A Fan

Actor Prakash Raj, who is pretty active on social media, has shared an unpleasant incident that took place in Gulmarg, Kashmir. A woman and her daughter wanted to take a photo with the actor  him and recalling this, Prakash unveiled that the whole incident was appaling and has left him pondering about a lot of things.

In Gulmarg, a lady and her daughter had approached Prakash Raj asking for a photo and he immediately agreed to it. But the woman's husband interrupted and abused her for taking a picture with the actor. The reason is that Prakash Raj is anti-Modi and has criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi on several occasions.

He also tweeted saying that 'As I walked out of my hotel in Gulmarg.Kashmir..a lady n her young daughter asked me for a selfie.. I obliged.. they were so happy. But suddenly her husband barged in abusing and asked them to delete it..since I differed with Modi..the tourists around were watching this..this women were in tears..I took him aside and spoke. "Dear sir.. Mr Modi or me are not the reason your wife married you..gave you this wonderful daughter and shared a life with you. Please respect their views as they respect yours..enjoy your vacation" As he stood without an answer..i walked away with a heavy heart..wondering.. He may or may not delete my photograph.. But Will he..heal their wound. (sic)'.

He also went on to ask 'why do we HURT the ones we LOVE for someone else ?? Why do we HATE because we differ ??' Soon after, netizens couldn't stop agreeing with him and lent huge support to the actor's words. Some users have blamed the extremities of the media and how India has to change for prosperity.

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