After 28 years, Ex-PM Manmohan out of Parliament

After 28 years, Ex-PM Manmohan out of Parliament

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will not be seen in Parliament any more. The tenure of Manmohan Singh as Rajya Sabha MP has ended on Friday and as Congress party doesn't have enough strength in Assam assembly, it could not endorse Manmohan once again.

From 1991 till yesterday, Manmohan Singh has been an active member of Congress and also represented the Parliament. He was the key person in bringing revolutionary changes in India's financial stability along with then PM PV Narasimha Rao. Later in 2004, Manmohan Singh was made the Prime Minister. He was widely credited for keeping India from financial crisis about a decade back.

Being an economist, Manmohan Singh criticized Narendra Modi's demonetization as 'Organized Loot' and a blunder. Manmohan is always in bad books for not being media friendly as he rarely speaks on public platforms. But his party men say that his work does a lot of talking.

The budget sessions of the new government will begin from June 17th and Manmohan Singh is going to miss them.

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