Babu Say Sorry, Then Jagan Will Help

Babu Say Sorry, Then Jagan Will Help

Nagari YSRCP MLA Roja has demanded an apology from TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu for failing to keep up the promises that he made to farmers in 2014 and ignoring after coming to power.

Then the Nagari MLA lashed out at Chandrababu. "TDP government did not fulfill not even its single election promises. From farmers to the unemployed, they have deceived everyone. Farmers debts grew multi-fold under TDP's regime. If Chandrababu says sorry to Jagan and farmers in the assembly, then our CM Jagan will give clarity to farmers on fulfiling promises made by TDP government" said the firebrand leader.

She also slammed TDP for pressuring the AP government to fulfill the promises made by the previous government which is unethical. "CM Jagan knows how to assist farmers and will do everything needed for them," stated Roja speaking to the media at assembly point.

Roja said she will be a trusted follower of AP CM YS Jagan and reports are untrue that she is upset for not getting cabinet berth. "I will handle any responsibility that Jagan assigns me to do to the best of my abiliites. Because of him, I did win as an MLA twice and I will be indebted to him. When Chandrababu put his all guns on me in the assembly, Jagan was by my side," stated Roja.

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