Janasena MLA Impresses Pawan Kalyan Fans

Janasena MLA Impresses Pawan Kalyan Fans

With Rapaka being the only MLA of Janasena party in the assembly, many wondered if he would ever get the chance to hold the mic. However, YS Jagan lead assembly floor made sure that all the parties in the house get represented and other day the Razole MLA spoke very well.

In the wake of YS Jagan raising the debate regarding Anti-Defection Bill, there is a huge war of words exchanged between YSR Congress MLAs and TDP MLAs. Especially many YSRC folks including Jagan are seeing ragging Naidu for the 23 MLAs that migrated from YSRC to TDP in the previous government's regime.

Taking a jibe at this, Rapaka said in his speech, "Whether it is the ruling party or the opposition, there is no need for the war of words, but we have to discuss people's issues" and greeted wishes for newly elected speaker Tammineni Sitaram.

He added, "It is a good sign that ruling party will be giving chance to the opposition and other MLAs though they have numbers in hand and could force all the opposition to sit silent".

No doubt, Rapaka's style of mingling with everyone and asking all the MLAs to work on people's issues, has reminded many of Pawan Kalyan only. Wearing that Janasena towel around his neck, he brought the first ever recognition to the party in the assembly. Will, that makes Pawan's fans happy? For sure!!

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