AP Assembly rocked by Jagan and Naidu counters

AP Assembly rocked by Jagan and Naidu counters

The first sessions of new Andhra Pradesh assembly had witnessed heated debates between CM YS Jagan and leader of the opposition Chandrababu Naidu. Also between YSR Congress and TDP leaders.

It all started with Chandrababu not making it to honouring the newly elected Speaker Tammineni Sitharam. Chandrababu skipped Tammineni gracing the speaker seat and YSR Congress MLAs have found fault in it. However, Naidu gave a clarification that neither him nor the TDP MLAs were consulted for electing the speaker. ''Back in 2014, we have approached then opposition party about speaker election. Yesterday I waited for a call from the ruling party. At least they could have informed my MLAs. None of these were done, so how can I walk with you when I was not invited,'' questioned Chandrababu.

To this Jagan gave a counter. He said, the Pro-Tem speaker had announced the Tammineni Sitharam has been elected as new speaker and requested all the parties and MLAs to walk forward and accompany Sitharam till the speaker chair. This was on-record and how come Chandrababu doesn't know the rules of the assembly being an experienced person.

The topic got diverted to MLAs who defected the ruling party last time. Jagan claimed that opposition MLAs are in touch with him and if he wants he can grab them and decline opposition status to Chandrababu. Jagan said that he is here to do clean politics and will not encourage defections at all. If at all that kind of situation arises, he will ask the concern MLA to resign or the speaker will declare the MLA as disqualified.

Chandrababu gave a strong counter to this. ''Your party is claiming that like father like son. When YS Rajasekhar Reddy has won as MLA for the first time, in four days he shifted the party. When he was the CM, he was the one who influenced and even threatened other party MLAs to join hands with him. Jagan can't deny this as history says so,'' said Chandrababu.

Later YSRCP MLA Chevireddy called TDP MLA Atchannaidu as 'Bantrothu' which disturbed the whole atmosphere in assembly. Chandrababu intervened here and demanded an apology from Chevireddy. However, the YSRCP MLA refused to say sorry. Then Atchannaidu said if he is 'Bantrothu' of Chandrababu, all the YSRCP MLAs are so for Jagan.

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