Jagan Vs Naidu: Ugly Ego Clash In AP Assembly

Jagan Vs Naidu: Ugly Ego Clash In AP Assembly

While AP Chief Minister YS Jagan is sitting at the place where former CM Chandrababu Naidu used to sit, the former CM felt it awkward to share Jagan's place and he sat in another seat in the allotted place to opposition parties. Starting from here, the ego clash in AP assembly, whose session started other day, witnessed another high.

Upon coming to the assembly, in the newly formed assembly to be particular, the Chief Minister and the Opposition leader will shake hands. But even after awarding a deadly defeat to Naidu and Co, it looks like Jagan is not happy with Telugudesam folks and he never went to Chandrababu to shake his hand.

On the other side, an opposition leader should have taken the honour of walking to the Chief Minister and greet it, welcome him, but even Naidu hasn't done that. Looks like the TDP boss is still in a shock as to how YS Jagan has won the mandate despite their party trying to paint him as a scamster.

However, YSR Congress MLAs like Roja and Kodali Nani showed dignity as they walked up to Chandrababu and greeted him. Both Jagan and Naidu should learn from their colleagues as to how one should let the ego go.

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