Breaking News: Roja To Become APIIC Chairman

Breaking News: Roja To Become APIIC Chairman

Till yesterday, there are huge debates going everywhere about actress and Nagari MLA Roja's unhappiness over not being able to get a Minister post in YS Jagan's cabinet. However, things have changed after she met the AP CM other day through Vijaysai Reddy's interference.

Breaking news is now coming up that Jagan has pacified Roja by offering her the post of APIIC Chairman. Apparently running the office of Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation is a very big thing, because that is where there is huge scope to do for the state by developing industries and enabling their infrastructure. Also developing various SEZs and Industrial parks for includes IT, Bio-Tech, Automotive, Apparel, Pharma and other industries also comes under APIIC only.

So we have to see if Roja takes up the responsibility and showcases her mettle. On the other hand, Roja has earlier clarified that she's not unhappy or angry for not becoming a Minister.

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