I've Married a BC: Roja Reddy on Caste & Minister Post

I've Married a BC: Roja Reddy on Caste & Minister Post

Roja, whose name is missing in Jagan's cabinet list, has been unavailable to the party leaders for the last two days. Roja's mobile number too was said to be 'switched off' and she was not available to party's leaders and followers after Jagan confirmed ministries to 25 members.

A day before Assembly session, Roja has surfaced. When media has tried to grill him, Roja tried to 'cover up' and said she is happy that her fellow MLAs got ministries and conveyed 'best wishes' to all who got ministries.

Talking about caste equations, Roja said, "For first time, social engineering (Samajika Nyayam) has been worked out. It is good. But I have never associated myself with my caste (Reddy). I've got married to a BC. Even my PA, driver, my assistants and my friends are from different castes." Roja looked emotional for not getting ministry. Her face turned into 'red'. She tried to cover up her 'disappointment' on camera.

When asked about whether she would meet YS Jagan, Roja gently replied, "If I get a call from YS Jagan, I will meet him." She said she hasn't got any call from Jagan or Vijay Sai Reddy for not being given a ministry. Roja is favourite name among the probables of ministers by media. Now it is buzzed that she would get a nominated post. Responding to it, hopeless Roja said, "It was all media creation. My name is speculated for various ministries. Now you are speculating that I would get nominated post. Let's see."

On the whole, Roja looked quite dull. Her disappointment is clearly visible on her face and her words. As Assembly session is all set to begin tomorrow, two-time MLA Roja's comments have created a stir among her followers and fans.

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