For Modi, So Much Change in AP in 1 Week

For Modi, So Much Change in AP in 1 Week

BJP leaders in the state and nation had targeted AP and its erstwhile government. BJP leaders had alleged that AP is mired in corruption and scams in major projects and capital construction, whereas within just 1 week after YS Jagan Mohan Reddy took over as CM and new government is formed in AP, Modi in his recent address at Tirupati stated that AP is progressing at rapid pace.

Until a month ago, BJP leaders went onto mudsling on Naidu and his government's decisions. In every possible way, AP administration was targeted. But things have changed upside down within just a week.

In his first visit to AP after he became the PM for the second-tenure, Modi said, "Andhra Pradesh is seeing all-round development. AP is racing ahead." These comments of Modi are being trolled by netizens online. Barely a week into governance and Jagan is yet to settle into administration and yet to understand the things, these remarks of Modi are definitely come as a shocker.

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