Real Story Behind Pawan Firing On Fan At Review Meet

Real Story Behind Pawan Firing On Fan At Review Meet

For the now, the internet believes that Janasena President Pawan Kalyan has fired on a fan saying that 'Don't give me advice' and there are a lot of media-based analyses over the behaviour of the cinema star who lost big in elections. Even some big TV channels have aired special shows on this, saying that Pawan is losing his control and showcasing the frustration. But what's the truth?

Apparently, that is a review meeting held by Janasena and whom do you expect to attend the meet? Actually, the so called 'fan' who has attended the event has given advice to Pawan Kalyan over how to run the party. And when Pawan quizzed whether he has voted for Janasena or not, the fan stated that he voted for YS Jagan led YSR Congress party. In reply to that, Pawan has stated that how come he could pay attention to a bit of advice given by someone who has voted for YSRC.

Also one needs to appreciate the guts of Pawan who praised that fan as he bravely revealed to whom he has voted. But Pawan asked him back, "Can anyone of you who have voted for Janasena, darlingly go to Jagan or Naidu and say that you voted for Pawan?"

Well, Pawan has his choice of reactions when someone who voted for his opponents comes and offers him an advice, isn't it?


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