Chiru sold PRP for MRP rate

Chiru sold PRP for MRP rate

Roja is one leader who can deliver punch dialogues at her opponents on daily basis. The other day, while taking a dig at Congress Rajya Sabha member Chiranjeevi she said 'Chiru sold PRP for MRP rate'.  

The YSR Congress leader alleged that Chiru sold his party for wholesale price to Congress with the intention to enjoy power and also to become chief minister in future.  She questioned the erstwhile PRP chief how can the Congress claim that government is doing a terrific job when it failed to implement the welfare and development schemes introduced by late YSR.  

Roja described Congress symbol 'hand' as one which loots the pockets of the people in the name of petrol price hike, increasing current charges, bus fares, gas and VAT. Pointing out that CM Kiran Kumar Reddy encroached 5 acres land near Bangalore airport, she concluded by saying Congress leaders taking about corruption is similar to devils preaching vedas.

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