It's Media vs Mafia: Ravi Prakash

Ex-CEO of TV9 Ravi Prakash has made sensational statements that corrupt businessmen in Hyderabad are trying to encroach the media. Ravi Prakash appeared before the Cyber-Crime police for the second consecutive day and before going to the investigation, he spoke to the media.

Just like how landloards encroach the poor's land by creating fake documents, in the same manner, a 'Amrish Puri' in Hyderabad with the help of few undisciplined police officers are encroaching the media. The best example is Mojo TV. My friends with their own money, established the channel and without putting a penny, the corrupt businessmen are planning to snatch it. It's war with media against mafia. Ultimately truth will prevails. I appeal to the people and friends in media to be by my side," said Ravi Prakash.

Ever since this case flashed on the media, Ravi Prakash has been claiming that he did no wrong and it is the big businessmen who with their money power grabbed TV9 from his hands.

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