1 Lakh EVMs Missing, EVM Verdict Isn't Ppl's Verdict

1 Lakh EVMs Missing, EVM Verdict Isn't Ppl's Verdict

Ever since Narendra Modi returned to power with increased majority in 2019 general elections, there has been several doubts on EVMs among Opposition parties and its supporters. But none at the top was vocal about it. Even Congress leaders were silent over the EVMs. TDP's Chandrababu Naidu, who had fought vehemently against Modi before the polls and even raised various doubts on EVMs before the results, too went into silent mode on the alleged 'tampering' of EVMs.

Modi's harshest critic and West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee is the first person among the prominent leaders from Opposition camp to raise strong voice on EVMs after the results were announced on 23rd May. Mamata held a meeting with TMC party leaders to review the party's performance in the Lok Sabha election and she made crucial comments on EVMs functioning and the conduct of polls. Questioning the 2019 election results, Mamata said BJP won Lok Sabha polls by "tampering" EVMs.

Raising a serious point, Mamata alleged that the EVM machines were not working during the elections and the one that were changed "were not programmed for fair polling. They were pre programmed for a party." She further alleged that over 1 lakh EVMs have been missing and EVM voting is not the verdict of people. She said, "We want ballot papers back. We don't want EVM. Save democracy, bring back ballot papers."

"We will run this campaign across country with all political parties. Even America has done away with it," said Mamata Banerjee adding, "Only two per cent machines are verified, 98 per cent are not verified."

While the Trinamool Congress which had won 34 MP seats in 2014 was reduced to 22 whereas the BJP which had won 2 MP seats in 2014 in Bengal has increased its number significantly and won 18 MP seats taking everyone by shock. Overall, BJP won 303 Lok Sabha seats on its own out of 545 seats, whereas BJP-led NDA crossed 350-mark in Lok Sabha. It can be noted that BJP had won 282 Lok Sabha seats in 2014 while the NDA won 346 seats.

Now that Mamata has opened up about the EVMs, it needs to be seen whether Congress and TDP would also join the chorus or not.

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