A Woman Files A Criminal Case On KA Paul

A Woman Files A Criminal Case On KA Paul

A criminal case has been filed against Praja Shanti Party president KA Paul today at Punjagutta police station today in Hyderabad. Along with him, the cops have also received a complaint on Paul's companions, Jyothi and Vijay.

A woman named Satyavathi from Ramachandrapuram has approached cops alleging that she gave Rs 2 lakhs to KA Paul and his team on Visit Visa Sponsorship letter to visit America. She said that Paul has made a fool out of her and in fact, the team demanded Rs 15 lakh from her for the process of the same.

Coming into details, Satyavathi tried for Business visa and after it got rejected, she approached Paul. "I thought he is a good person all these days, But he showed true colours," she quoted.

However, after paying 2 lakhs, no sponsorship letter was given to her, as per her version. Satyavathi told media that she came into contact with KA Paul and his team on her America trip and later, she claimed that they blocked her mobile number too.

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