Telangana Congress And BJP Fight For Dominance

Telangana Congress And BJP Fight For Dominance

Just when Telangana CM KCR wanted to wipe out national parties from Telangana, BJP and Congress gave a unforgettable shock to the TRS boss. By bagging seven Lok Sabha seats, both BJP and Congress have proved that they are still alive in Telangana. What's to be noted here is, BJP received four seats and 19 percent vote share. Telangana BJP president Lakshman reiterated that the 'Lotus' is the only alternative to the 'car' in the state and went on to say that in the coming days, the party will emerge as a strong force too.

Meanwhile the three Lok Sabha have given a lifeline for Congress to rebuild its lost glory. TPCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy who has been facing continuous defeats under his leadership, also won this time from Nalgonda. Reacting on the election results, Uttam said, we should have won six Lok Sabha seats but due to our mistakes we could not meet our target. Eventually we are going to damage the TRS wall in Telangana.

By saying so both BJP and Congress are trying their best to stake claim as number two in Telangana for now. In the future, who will be beside people in their agitation and win their trust is completely in BJP and Congress' hands.

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