If Chandrababu Wins, It's Miracle: Prof Nageshwar

If Chandrababu Wins, It's Miracle: Prof Nageshwar

Well known political analyst and professor K Nageshwar has made his prediction for Andhra Pradesh Assembly. Stating that he hasn't conducted any surveys or exit polls or pre-poll surveys, Nageshwar said he is making his own prediction. Nageshwar said YSRCP has more chances to win in Andhra Pradesh.

Elaborating further, Nageshwar said YCP will comfortably win the number of seats it had won in 2014 i.e 65. However, Nageshwar said TDP will comfortably win 50 seats. He further said that it is going to be a close contest between TDP and YSRCP in the remaining 60 constituencies. He said YCP needs to win only 23 seats out of the 60 seats whereas TDP needs 38 seats i.e around 40 seats out of the 60. So, Nageshwar said the chances are more for YSRCP than TDP. He opined that Pawan Kalyan's Janasena could have done more damage to TDP than YCP.

However, Nageshwar hasn't ruled out the chances for TDP. He said if Chandrababu Naidu comes back to power, he said it will be a miracle. Nageshwar said Lagadapati's survey in Telangana went wrong and he said his survey in Andhra Pradesh could also go wrong. Talking about Janasena, he predicted that Janasena could win 2 to 3 seats.


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