Will Odisha & Bengal replace South's loss for BJP?

Will Odisha & Bengal replace South's loss for BJP?

With the final phase of polling ending yesterday and exit polls creating a buzz across the country in favour of the NDA government, it is clear that BJP has definitely created an impressions in retaining its image in the Hindi belt. While the alliance of ani-BJP parties has been making efforts to ensure that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is unseated, it is believed that the Eastern states could hold the key to BJP's growth.

While Telugu States will definitely give BJP a rout including other Southern states, except Karnataka, the saffron party may cash in on the lost seats in the South in its new bastions, Odisha and West Bengal. The saffron brigade hopes that 42 Lok Sabha seats in Bengal and 21 in Odisha will help the party, despite Mamatha Banerjee and Naveen Patnaik's stronghold on their respective states.

The question is can the BJP overcome Mamata's aura in West Bengal? Political observers say that BJP definitely hopes of creating a dent for the Trinamool Congress in Didi's bastion. Similarly, in Odisha too, the party hopes to give a tough fight to Naveen Patnaik's Biju Janata Dal. Well, going by the results of the exit polls, looks like the BJP is eyeing a big chunk from these two Eastern states in India!

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