Exit Polls: Pawan Kalyan's Defeat Is Confirmed

Exit Polls: Pawan Kalyan's Defeat Is Confirmed

Various surveys have predicted their exit-polls and everyone is almost of the opinion that newly formed Janasena Party of Pawan Kalyan will be restricted to a mere single digit. And then, some surveys also added that Janasena will win anywhere between 0-4 seats.

That lower number indicates that even Pawan Kalyan will be losing in both the constituencies he has contested, Gajuwaka and Bhimavaram. Will that be true? If Janasena gets 10% vote share as predicted by few surveys, surely winning 4-5 seats will be on the cards. But what will happen to PK's seats is the real question here.

Some ground reports are indicating that Pawan Kalyan's mega defeat is confirmed in Bhimavaram as many forces have worked against him. YSR Congress is most likely to sweep this seat and that too with a great margin. They say that YSRC's publicity that 'Pawan will keep Gajuwaka but not Bhimavaram after winning both' is said to have created a lot of impact on Janasena boss' aces here.

On the other hand, Pawan might win with a thumping majority in Vizag's Gajuwaka as he has a great fanbase there, say some surveys. Let's see what happens as the real truth will be revealed in four more days.

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