CPS Survey - Clean Sweep For YCP

CPS Survey - Clean Sweep For YCP

Centre for Psephology Studies (CPS) poll survey has predicted a clean sweep for YS Jagan's YSR Congress Party. The CPS survey stated that YS Jagan would march with a triumphing victory and would bag between 130 to 133 Assembly seats. The survey said ruling TDP would limit to 43 to 44 seats. It predicted that Pawan Kalyan's Janasena would get only 1 seat.

Given that CPS had got the pulse of voters right in the Telangana Assembly polls in December 2018, the CPS survey for AP Assembly polls gained a lot of significance. CPS had predicted that TRS would sweep the polls in Telangana. Below is the CPS survey's prediction for AP Assembly.

CPS Survey - AP Assembly 2019 Polls

YCP - 130 to 133 (50 percentage of votes)

TDP - 40 to 42   (40 percentage of votes)

Janasena - 01 (7 percentage of votes)

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