Stay tuned for exit polls at 5 pm tomorrow!

Stay tuned for exit polls at 5 pm tomorrow!

As the last phase of polling for Lok Sabha elections will be over on Sunday, the evening will be buzzing with details from the exit polls. The exit polls, to be out by 5 pm, are expected to give an inkling of what the nation can expect on the counting day.

This election has been a high-pitched battle where Modi, expected to save India, had gained enough rivals in just 5 years, giving the much needed boost for Congress’ revival. While exit polls are expected to swing in favour of the BJP, they may not give the right insights into BJP’s march.  

Several times exit polls have indicated and misguided people with false results. What the viewers should understand is that these are projections based on data gathered from representative samples. The findings could point to a trend while voting but may not be totally true.

Votes polled in 542 Lok Sabha constituencies will be counted on May 23, when the power-to-be at the Centre will be known. Well, tomorrow will definitely be a busy day for political parties across the country!

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