Cyber Crime Recovers Emails- Tough Time For TV9 Ravi Prakash

Cyber Crime Recovers Emails- Tough Time For TV9 Ravi Prakash

Whether V Ravi Babu aka TV9 Ravi Prakash stood as the epitome of honesty or he got beleaguered by the way Alanda Media (Jupalli Rameshwara Rao) tried to dictate terms to him or not, it looks like the 'forgery case' against him with Cyber Crime police of Hyderabad is getting its noose tightened.

According to Eenadu, Cyber Crime police are said to have unearthed crucial evidence which declares that Ravi Prakash and his friend, actor Sivaji, have created fake share agreements to make sure that the transformation of power from TV9's ABCL to Alanda Media won't happen.

As per the report, while Sivaji has claimed in his complaint to National Company Law Tribunal that Ravi Prakash and him made an agreement on Feb 20, 2018, police are said to have found an email thread that showcased that the draft of this agreement was actually prepared on April 13th, and Ravi Prakash ordered some changes to it the next day.

While all these emails exchanged between Ravi Prakash, Sivaji, TV9 Sakthi, Murthy and couple of others are actually deleted from the mail server, but police are said to have recovered them using advanced technology. Going by this, it will be tough for both Ravi Prakash and Sivaji to prove that they are innocents in the forgery case.

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