Big Setback to opposition on VVPAT counting

Big Setback to opposition on VVPAT counting

The Supreme Court of India has dismissed the review petition filed by 22 political parties on counting at least fifty percent of VVPAT slips. The Supreme Court said that it will stick to its old decision of enabling to count only 5 percent of VVPAT slips. This is a huge setback for the oppositions who have been experiencing many doubts on VVPAT slips and EVMs.

Speaking on it TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu said, we will respect the decision of Supreme Court and we will once approach the Election Commission to consider our request of counting 50 percent of VVPAT slips. By doing so, there will be a transparency and people will believe that the elections are being held in unbiased manner.

"The Election Commission has invested Rs 9000 crore on VVPAT machines and why it is not being used when so much of public money went into manufacturing of the machines. Election Commission is saying that it would take lot of time in counting at least 50 percent of VVPAT. Earlier paper ballot was counted in 24 hours. Our main motto is transparency in elections and we are hopeful that one day we will achieve this," added Chandrababu.

Congress leader Abhishek Singhvi has argued on behalf of the 22 political parties and Chandrababu was inside the court when Supreme Court considered this petition initially.

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