The Curious Case of Hajipur Killings & Telangana Govt's silence

The Curious Case of Hajipur Killings & Telangana Govt's silence

Amidst the noise of Intermediate students suicides rocking the state, another crucial case of a missing 14-year-old girl has unravelled a deep and gory story of the rape of murder of three young girls in the state over the past four years by a serial killer. The a dried up well in Hajipur had the skeletal remains of the missing girl, along with three other girls, which the Telangana police had traced.

The case came to light when the parents of the 14-year-old girl registered a complaint with the Bommalaramaram mandal a week ago. The killer, Srinivas Reddy, a 27-year-old, confessed to sexually assaulting and killing the girl and revealed that he had buried her deep in a well in his agriculture land. He also confessed to other cases of missing girls founded dead and said that he raped them before he killed them.

Explaining his modus operandi to the police during an investigation, Srinivas said that he would track the movement of these minor girls going to school or college for a few days and then, offer them a lift till their house. He, somehow, forcibly makes them sit on his bike and takes them to his agricultural land, rapes and kills them.

The disturbing details revealed by Srinivas Reddy have caused an outrage among locals who alleged that the local police has been lackadaisical despite complaints of missing girls from 2015. Unfortunately, the Telangana government is still yet to respond on such a chilling turn of events. Neither has the Chief Minister nor have any other leaders from the TRS party responded on the issue of ensuring safety for women and girls.

This lack of response from the government is also making many citizens question the attitude of the government towards such horrific cases where young people's lives are at stake. Many in Telangana are already upset with the government's blame-game on the Opposition on the Telangana inter results goof-up that led to the suicides of nearly 20 students. Will this stir up another hornet's nest for the Telangana government? We are yet to see.

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