Manchu Vishnu Ridicules 'Scared of KCR' Comments

Manchu Vishnu Ridicules 'Scared of KCR' Comments

Senior actor and educationalist Manchu Mohan Babu turned out to be a bitter critic of Andhra CM Chandrababu Naidu alleging that his government did not make the payment of fee reimbursement to the students of their college - Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering College, Tirupathi. After staging a two day protest ahead of elections, the actor joined YSR Congress Party and also, campaigned for them in some constituencies of AP.

But, the actor who forayed into politics hasn't spell out his opinion on student suicides in Telangana while the opposition is protesting and agitating against Intermediate board and state government for the irregularities. Mohan Babu, being an educationalist, runs his organizations both in Telangana and AP. While the prime parties in AP - TDP and Jana Sena- made an appeal to Telangana government to take necessary action immediately, Mohan Babu and his party (YSRCP) are tightlipped about it.

Though the debate and protests on the issue are still on, a response from YSRCP is highly unlikely, and it is further highlighting their partnership with TRS which started off with an official meeting between KTR-Jagan ahead of polls.

But, an interesting part of the story would be Manchu Manoj's tweet. The actor, recently, seconded CM Naidu's tweet in which the TDP chief urged the youngsters to make their parents and nation proud with their knowledge. Supporting Naidu's statement, Manoj said: 'Life is not just about education. Hope all the students and parents stop prioritizing and stressing on educational ranks at least now.'

Off late, amid growing criticism on movie stars for not reacting to the issue, Manchu Vishnu today came up with a tweet: "It's unfortunate and horrible that we have lost 20 brothers and sisters because of the mistakes and our deepest condolences lie with their families. I strongly believe that if the Govt does not react to this heinous act, then it surely attracts criticism. We live in a democracy, and as far as I know @KTRTRS is a very proactive and pro student politician & yes Mr. KCR is known to be a firebrand but for a reason and he isn't a dictator. So instead of blaming the T Govt, I would stress on concentrating first to know the real cause."

"Some factions are also stating that the film fraternity are 'scared' of Mr. KCR and I'd like to say that these people have a great imagination. There is no truth to this. My concern lies primarily in finding the reasons first so we can prevent such an atrocity in the future."

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