ISIS Claims Responsibility for Sri Lanka Bombings

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Sri Lanka Bombings

Two days after devastating Sri Lanka bombings that killed more than 300 and injured 500 on Easter Sunday, international terrorist organization ISIS claims responsible for these blasts.

A local islamic group National Thowheeth Jama'ath was suspected to be behind this barbaric act, but ISIS's official Al-Amaq news agency made a claim that the suicide bombers were 'fighters of the Islamic State'.

A social media video showing pictures of three alleged suicide bombers claimed that ISIS is behind the Easter Terror. International experts and US intelligence sources suspected ISIS to be behind the Sri Lanka blasts, considering the sophistication levels in the coordinated bombings.

40 were arrested since Sunday in connection with these bombings. A total of six blasts with short intervals and one after two hours shocked the whole world. tens of foreigners including 8 Indians lost their lives in Sri Lanka blasts.

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