Gandra shocks Congress, to Join TRS

Gandra shocks Congress, to Join TRS

Bhupalpalli MLA Gandra Venkata Ramana Reddy who is said to be a loyal Congressman has ditched the party and is set to join the ruling TRS. On Monday, Gandra formally met TRS working president KTR and then announced he is taking up the pink flag.

Gandra wrote an open letter and listed out the reasons that led him to join TRS party. “People of Telangana are appreciating KCR's leadership and so he was given the mandate for the second time. The welfare schemes and all around developmental activities of the state are examples of KCR's good governance. As an MLA, it is responsibility to move as per people's opinion and so I have decided to join TRS party. Outer Ring Road and Medical College are the promises, I made to the people of Bhupalpalli and will definitely get them sanctioned to the constituency,' wrote Gandra.

Jyothi, wife of Gandra also resigned to the Congress party. She was serving as DCC president and she thanked Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, TPCC chief Uttam and CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka for the opportunity given to her. 'As my husband is going to join TRS party for the development of constituency, it is not appropriate on my part to continue in DCC post and Congress. So I'm offering my resignation,' said Gandra Jyothi.

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